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Utah Jazz Trade D-Will, Murder Fans’ Loyalty

Only two days after New York finally acquired Carmelo Anthony from the Nuggets, the New Jersey Nets rose from the dead and stole Deron Williams away from the Utah Jazz for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, two first-round picks, and cash.

In related news, the time and place will soon be announced for the double-funeral of the Jazz fans’ loyalty and the team’s playoff chances. Continue reading

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Where Do The Knicks Stand In The East?

Now that Carmelo Anthony is in a New York uniform, the East has another title contender. Or do they? With the Celtics, Heat, and Bulls all going strong this season, there isn’t much room for another elite team in the … Continue reading

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Age of the All-Star Part 2

Based on the All-Star guidelines laid out in Part 1, we can already know which teams will go far into the playoffs. Super Teams loaded with All-Stars are taking over the NBA. The question now is, which teams will attract All-Star free agents and turn themselves into Super Teams? Continue reading

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Another Michael Jordan Comeback?

Apparently, Brett Favre and Michael Jordan are still competing over who gets their picture in the dictionary next to the word “comeback.”

A rumor is going around that MJ is aiming for an NBA comeback by the time he turns 50 in two years. It will have been exactly a decade since he last played on an NBA team. And the game has only gotten bigger and faster since then. Would he even have a chance? Continue reading

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Streaking Through The Season

Winning streaks are in fashion this year. Last season, NBA fans saw only two winning streaks of more than 12 games: Cleveland and Dallas both won 13 games in a row. Half way through this season? The Celtics (14), Spurs (12), Mavericks (12), and Heat (12) have already done it.

But winning isn’t the only kind of streak that’s popular; most of these same teams like to rip off 3, 4, or 5 losses in a row immediately after these periods of domination.

So what’s happening to NBA teams? Why is it either a winning streak or a losing streak? Fatigue? Pressure? Boredom? Continue reading

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