Streaking Through The Season

Dwyane Wade

The Heat have been on fire lately, but how long will that last?

Winning streaks are in fashion this year.  Last season, NBA fans saw only two winning streaks of more than 12 games: Cleveland and Dallas both won 13 games in a row.  Half way through this season? The Celtics (14), Spurs (12), Mavericks (12), and Heat (12) have already done it.

But winning isn’t the only kind of streak that’s popular; most of these same teams like to rip off 3, 4, or 5 losses in a row immediately after these periods of domination.

So what’s happening to NBA teams?  Why is it either a winning streak or a losing streak?  Fatigue? Pressure? Boredom? Continue reading

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Steve Nash To Clippers?

Steve NashIn Saturday’s unexpected trade, the Suns sent Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark to the Magic for Vince Carter, Martin Gortat, and Mickael Pietrus, a draft pick, and cash. Now the big question is, what happens next for Steve Nash?

The Suns are looking to start rebuilding after losing Amare Stoudemire over the summer. Nash’s age is creeping up on him, and a new team might be what he and the Suns need right now. The Suns could use some young blood while they can still get something for Nash, and Nash would appreciate a new situation after losing his two biggest scorers (Amare and Richardson).

So what team would be a good fit for Nash? Although it may sound like a punishment at first, after a closer look Continue reading

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No More New Orleans (And More NBA Conspiracies)

Warning: Contains NBA conspiracies concerning New Orleans,
Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and the Miami Heat.

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony

How does this affect their future together?

The NBA has taken operational control of the New Orleans Hornets. What does this mean? Well, a lot of things.

First and foremost, it means the league can now move the team wherever it pleases. One alternative to contraction is to move a team out of smaller market (like New Orleans) into a bigger market that will produce more money. Moving the Hornets would help solve a lot of David Stern’s problems right now.

If you want more info on the New Orleans takeover and why relocation is a big possibility, check out this article I wrote for Slam Dunk Central. But that’s not the purpose of this post. I am writing this to share my conspiracy theories about what the NBA is planning now that it controls an NBA team.

Sorry, New Orleans, but I think a move is inevitable. Not enough revenue, not enough fans, and not enough general interest to keep a team in your town when other U.S. cities would sacrifice a limb if they had one to get an NBA team. I think a new city would be beneficial to the league as a whole. Look what the Thunder have done in their short time in OKC. A new team with at least one All-Star player (more on that later) can create a lot of new NBA interest.

So to begin, where would the Hornets Continue reading

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Age Of The All-Star Part 1

Celtic's Big Three

Fact: All Stars bring home Championship trophies.

The talent level in the NBA has hit a high point in the last couple of years. A greater number of teams are competitive every year, teams have more depth, and no team is safe during the playoffs. So what is it that makes a few teams rise to the top?

The answer should be obvious after the chaos of last summer’s free agency frenzy: it’s the All Stars. The truly elite players are the thing to push their teams over the edge. And now every team in the NBA is starting to pick up on this fact.

As recently as a few years ago, a team such as the 2002-03 Nets or 2004-05 Pistons could make the Finals two years in a row.  One great player and a team of role players who fit well together could win a lot of games. But with the amount of talent in the league evening out the playing field, it takes more than one to make yourself heard in the playoffs.

Think about the NBA’s best players of the last few years.  Kobe couldn’t win a championship by himself.  LeBron definitely couldn’t either. Dwyane Wade needed Shaq to get his team to the next level.  Even Tim Duncan relied on Manu and Tony for his last couple rings.

That’s why so many teams needed Continue reading

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NBA Development League: Why You Should Care

NBA Development LeagueThe NBA Development League has been around for 10 years. There are 16 D-League teams in cities around the country. As of 2010, about 20% of current NBA players have spent time in the D-League. So why don’t basketball fans care about the NBA’s official minor league organization?

I have been living in the Provo/Orem, UT area for the last 14 months. But it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I learned that the NBA D-League has a team right here in Orem – the Utah Flash. The Flash are the minor league affiliates of the Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks. They reached the D-League Finals in 2009. But many people, including myself, have been ignorant to both this team and the league it plays for.

I decided to find out exactly what the Development League is, how it works, and why it is around. And this past weekend, I sat down with Utah Flash President Drew Sellers to do exactly that.

Since I have had practically no exposure to the Development League or the Utah Flash, Drew gave me the basic crash course Continue reading

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