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Steve Nash To Clippers?

With the Suns looking to rebuild, Nash may be on the move. Would the Clippers be a great place for Nash to cement his legacy?
They are last in the league right now, but they have some good pieces in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. All they need is … Continue reading

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No More New Orleans (And More NBA Conspiracies)

Warning: Contains NBA conspiracies concerning New Orleans, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and the Miami Heat.

The NBA has taken operational control of the New Orleans Hornets. What does this mean? Well, a lot of things.
First and foremost, it means the league can now move the team wherever it pleases. One alternative to contraction is to move a team out of smaller market (like New Orleans) into a bigger market that will produce more money. Moving the Hornets would help solve a lot of David Stern’s problems right now. Continue reading

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Age Of The All Star Part 1

The talent level in the NBA has hit a high point in the last couple of years. A greater number of teams are competitive every year, teams have more depth, and no team is safe during the playoffs. So what is it that makes a few teams rise to the top?

The answer should be obvious after the chaos of last summer’s free agency frenzy: it’s the All Stars. The truly elite players are the thing to push their teams over the edge. And now every team in the NBA is starting to pick up on this fact.

As recently as a few years ago, a team such as the 2002-03 Nets or 2004-05 Pistons could make the Finals two years in a row. One great player and a team of role players who fit well together could win a lot of games. But with the amount of talent in the league evening out the playing field, it takes more than one to make yourself heard in the playoffs. Continue reading

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NBA Development League: Why You Should Care

The NBA Development League has been around for 10 years. There are 16 D-League teams in cities around the country. About 20% of current NBA players have spent time in the D-League. So why don’t basketball fans care about the NBA’s official minor league organization? Continue reading

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2010-11 Southeast Division Previews

With the start of the NBA season barely over a month away,’s Jeff Clark has once again set up individual previews of each NBA team, done by the best NBA bloggers on the web. Here are the Southeast Division … Continue reading

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